Friday, August 1, 2014


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Every year our editorial team makes a break of a month, after this break, we return with new impulses to get in touch with our monthly readers.
This time has was the month of July, that time gives us the energy, which allows us to plan and always bring the most exquisite photographs and bring important guests that will accompany us in the work to produce content of quality.
It is not the first time that SEXY GLAM features in the cover a Beauty Queen, however our model of the July / August edition in addition earned her reign of El Salvador, she is also a successful lawyer and a well-known TV host in her homeland. Maytee Iraheta snuggles us with her beauty and sympathy in a full production of glamor and candor.
Bringing to the table the old debate of whether or not Mermaid exist, these mythological beings who mesmerized Odysseus sailors as Homer tell in the Iliad and the Odyssey; to us, in SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE, we can say that they actually exist and we have proof of its beauty. Fantasy offers us a trip to the imagination and recreates our pages with all the magical and intoxicating charm of a Mermaid, and posing without her fishtail amaze us with her perfect shapely body.
If superheroes comic appeal to you, then you cannot miss the July article from Julio Frómeta, our exclusive film columnist, talking how of the Seventh Art have revived the old characters from our childhood making them a great success in the theatres.
Finally, our featured photographer from Argentina, Sergio Russo, dazzles us with an exquisite Boudoir production of the beautiful model Giselle Pons, which reaffirms the sensuality of the Latinas.

This is an unforgettable number SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE that for sure you will enjoy.

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