Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Michal Skitek

Today I want to talk about the amazing photographer Michal Skitek, with whom I studied digital photography at Briarcliffe College. We were not only peers, but also over time we become friends, and many of the photographic assignments, we did together and even more, we decided to schedule photo-shoots with friends in order to gain more experience in this magical world of photography.

Michal helped me and taught me many things I didn’t know, he would never hesitate to share his knowledge with me, such as the secrets of Photoshop, photography techniques and even more, he helped me build my website.

Michal’s photography is exquisite; his photos are very technical, he likes to play with angles and he is very creative in the composition.
One of the few photos I have of my profile, which I included here, was taken by Michal.

He is now living in Manchester England, and he continues in the world of photography. Michal has a free and adventurous spirit and he is always looking for new horizons and new things to fill his life.
You can visit his website at

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Johanna Ramos

Just like everything, all has a begining.
For me me, glamour photography started with an special person. Johanna Ramos. She was the most patiente, the most reliable and encouraging person for me.
It did no matter if things did not get right the first time, she encoruged me to go on. She was alwas willing and on top of that she is a very beautiful human beign.
Johanna is always very special to me. I love her very much and I hope we can continue doing some more phot-shoots in the near future.

Here are some of the many many photos I have of Johanna.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kerry Garvin

I'm dedicating this post to Kerry Garvin, model and actress.

Let's start by saying that yesterday was her birthday. HAPPY BIRDAY GIRL!!!!.
She was features a "lovely lady of the day" from sports ilustrated and here is the link

Here is a clip of  a film where she portryas the main character Lucy!/photo.php?v=2418031178923

She was featured an Italian Sports site

Congratulations to the super talented KERRY GARVIN.