Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stefany Parra

Glamour Photography
By: Lucy Lencinas
Model: Stefany Parra

Stefany Parra  is 24 years old and lives in Armenia Quindio Colombia, She has a bachelor in Computer and Systems Engineering, and she is currently studying technology to complement her career.

Stefany is very involved with the music career as a hobby because her father is musician.  Thanks to this, she was in the Youth Band Musical College of Armenia INEM, playing the clarinet. She participated in various municipal and state contests, in one of them she was decorated for being the youngest performer. After this, she enters the GENS group INEM School, she played the piano and then she was the first vocalist.
Miss Parra’s goals and dreams are to complete her professional studies. She wants to specialize in computer forensic. Her frustrated dream was to study medicine, but hopes in the future she can fulfill her dream. She wants to be a successful professional in order to give a better future to her family and the son she is waiting for.

Stephany is 8 month pregnant, and feels very happy to be a mother. According to her, this is a great responsibility and it could delay to fulfill her goals and dreams of a professional career.  She does not feel that because she is pregnant she cannot achieve her goals; on the contrary, her son gives her all the strength she needs to follow her dreams.
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Monday, September 24, 2012


Glamour Photography
By Lucy Lencinas

Pin up photography done for the SEXY X2 Calendar.
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Saturday, September 8, 2012



ANIKA ZHADANOVA is full-time student and part-time model/actress living in NYC. She is studying psychology, and loves getting to know different people. She also loves dancing, acting, being outdoors and staying active. Her hobbies include snowboarding, hiking and swimming, especially in the ocean. Anike loves animals. She has a pet Chihuahua named Duke, who is playful and feisty, just like her.
Anike loves to travel. She often visits Russia, her homeland, and she's also been to France, Monaco, Amsterdam, Puerto Rico and all over the U.S., California is one of her favorite states. She enjoys learning about different cultures. She loves Asian and French cuisine. She is never scared to try a new dish! Anika is adventurous, fun and affectionate. She loves spending time with her friends and her family.

SILV LIGH is a 28 year old 2nd generation Asian American, who grew up in NJ.  Her parents are originally from Taiwan.  She grew up with an older sibling, and both live in NYC.  Silv loves to read, write, travel and go for walks.  She hopes to travel to more places in Eastern Europe and South America in the near future.  Her hobbies are playing the cello, drawing, and modeling.  She would love to model in more artsy photos in the near future to expand her portfolio.  For her career, she plans to help people who are less advantaged than she is by research and academia.    

Anika and Silv are both feature in our magazine SEXY X2 in the September issue. You can see more of these two beautiful models at the magazine at SEXY X2 MAGAZINE
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Monday, September 3, 2012

September Edition


Much has been said about the contribution that immigration has done historically in the United States of America regarding the economy and culture, but little has been said on this topic about the contribution made to this country by the diversify beauty brought by the different races.
September issue of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE brings closer to the beauty that came from other lands, with Anika Zhadanova a woman coming from the land of the tsars; Silv Light whose immediate ancestors are from the Far East, Taiwan, they have arrived to beautify the Land of Opportunities, and to top up the diversity, it comes from A'storia Hill, the beauty of ebony skin who dazzles with her honey eyes and full fills with her stylized figure.
It is a pleasure for us to be the vehicle that brings to our readers a different look to the contribution of immigrants.
As always, Caitlin Ross-Poteet heats us the pages of the magazine with her spicy answers to the reader in her column Empowering Erotica. Juan Cucaz delights us with an exquisite Mediterranean Salad recipe, and Peru brings us the perfumes of their wine and the internationally renowned Pisco.
Finally, metaphysics invades our traditional monthly short stories with "De Profundis".
Enjoy this edition as we prepare the special issue for Halloween, which will come with many surprises.
Until next month
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vanessa Pinto

Glamour Photography by : Lucy Lencinas
Model: Vanessa Pinto

Vanessa Pinto is a New York based writer, educator and model. She is currently working to become a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Her hobbies include traveling, writing, cooking, hiking and attending film festivals across. She writes on a regular basis for her blog, Vanessa's Soda Fountain, which focuses on wellness, speciality foods, photography and her own life.
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