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The Fashiondoll Still Fabulous at 52......
She started modeling at the age of 41.  The first time she modeled was an outdoor shoot in Los Angeles, CA in the hills near the Hollywood sign.  She have traveled and worked with many great photographers.  She went to Lexington, KY and shot with another over forty models that were there from Australia.  She went back the following year and worked with the same photographer who crowned her his model of the year.  She really enjoys modeling and loves to dress in different outfits.  She finds it very exciting especially on location when there is an audience.
When she is not modeling, she enjoys rock and gemstone collecting which started when she was a little girl and the beach.
Fashiondoll is also Licensed Cosmetologist.
She is an award winning fashion doll makeover artist specializing in Michael Jackson, Cher and other celebrity dolls.  That is where her modeling name of The Fashiondoll came from.   She also designs and makes Michael Jackson replica Swarovski crystals gloves.

She has a passion for Europe and it would be a dream come true to someday have a photo-shoot there.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

John Arias


John A. Arias was born in Bogota Colombia, He came to this country because his dad is an Olympic athlete, and that gave them the opportunity to move to the United States. His dad went to two Olympic Games representing Colombia. He went to Seoul Korea in 1988 and to Atlanta in 1996. He was a Pan American Champion; he raced the Tour de France, the Tour of Spain and Tour of Italy. He was the greater rider of his era. He tries to follow in his footsteps although in this country is a little more difficult because you’re always working and studying, but he gives all in him for this sport. He competes in cycling, triathlon, and the occasionally in track. His objective is to compete as much as he can. He represents an organization called Racing for a Dream.

Racing for A Dream is something he always dreamed of.  They are a team of athletes who help new talents who do not have sufficient resources for competitions. In addition, they compete in athletic events to help foundations that help fight diseases. For now, Racing for a Dream is a small organization but we are gradually growing and getting more members.

In all his time in this country, he had never seen to be a Latino as an obstacle. He has always seen as a plus. He is a positive and enterprising person.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Guy was born in NYC to a British (Anglo-Saxon) father and a Colombian (Hispanic) mother. He was raised along the South shore of Long Island near the Hamptons. After graduating from High School, he joined the United States Marine Corps, serving for 4 years as Field Radio Operator and traveled all over the world while in service. After leaving the military, he attended college and law school in Long Island and obtained his MBA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Guy worked in NYC in many major law firms as well as a Trader on Wall Street, successfully investing in Ford Motor Company turn-around during the economic crisis when most others panicked and fled the market. Now, engaging in acting and modeling when not endeavoring fully in the global economic markets. Guy is an active participant in martial arts, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and scuba diving. He enjoys social events, fitness, dancing and travel. Guy is both a US & UK citizen.

As a model, I am able to travel for the right assignment, domestically and internationally on 2 passports. Based in NY, I am comfortable abroad and am able to communicate to a certain degree in Spanish, German and other Latin based languages.
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April's Edition of SEXY GLAM Magazine


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Italy’s capital, Rome, it is written Roma in its original form. This metropolis is known since the time of the Roman Empire as “The Eternal City “for its culture and beauty. This month our cover model has a name very close to the Eternal City. Rhoma surely like this city on the seven hills, has eternal beauty that does not change with trends of the moment. Our second model is Jordis, whom we met in Upstate, NY, and she surprises us in a good way, not only for her sympathy and sensuality, but also for her commitment to social causes. Finally, Katie Kay Rina dazzles with a multitude of artistic talents that make excel in the world of the models. She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, which came to USA in less than a year; she not only models, but also acts and sings with a sweet and refined voice. This month also bring the season report from our exclusive designer fashion, Pedro Martinez , who tells us what to wear this summer if you want to be in tune with the good taste and the latest fashion . As always, you will find in the edition many entertaining articles for you to enjoy.