Sunday, February 23, 2014


Haydee Lee Powell was born on July 9th.
She is a College student studying nursing.
She would love to be a nurse as her career and be a famous model is her dream.
Purple is her favorite color, but she loves pink.
Haydee is inventive, exciting, thoughtful, honest, and unique.
Born and raised in Spanish Harlem as known as “El Barrio”.

She is young, beautiful and just wants to live her life to the fullest

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Elizabetta Bianco is a college graduate in her 20’s who has had the success of opening her own business and attaining her goals professionally.

She has always taken excellent care of her body and her mind as she thinks she should be so grateful for the body she was given because it’s the only one she is going to get and it should be treated like a temple.

She has always wanted the opportunity to share the gifts that she has been given.

She has already sharing her mental gift in her business, She would love to share her aesthetic gifts, as she knows that one day she will get older, and looks will fade and she would like to think that she has something special that people might like to see modeling.

Elizabetta is very confident, so as long as it is tasteful, she is up for any modeling challenge. She loves a good challenge.
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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Christal Rose
Christal Rose is blonde, green eye model engaged for over a year and planning her wedding for next year.
She has being modeling since 18, I love it. She’ll do all kinds of modeling and loves to experiment.
She owns three dogs and one cat.

She likes the following quote: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."- Marilyn Monroe

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Sunday, February 2, 2014



Valentine 's Day gets closer once again in our pages  the editorial group SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE with our readers , not only to celebrate the Day of Love, but also the beauty and sensuality of a sexy couple under the artistic lens of our star photographer LucyLencinas .
John Arias and Linda  two Hispanic models recreated for this edition all the playfulness of Valentine’s Day. They warm up the pages with a staging of a couple celebrating the intimacy of this special day.

As a second model, Amber Brook is not only a beautiful woman, but also a social activist concerned with the welfare of others. In the more traditional concept of glamour she delights us with elegance and the fine art of modeling .

But not only they amuse us with all the sensuality of Valentine’s Day, Drea Dominique and Minnie Bad also played the seduction game for this special edition. Both are talented artists who know how to fire the imagination of those who enjoy their work in front of a camera.

As so often a guest photographer, in this occasion Steven Schreiber bring us a particular view of the concept of glamour with a production of male nudes in black and white. Definitely, this will provoke arguments and open up the discussion of point of views that builds an ever better and different art.

July Frómeta , our specialist in cinema, refreshes our memory with the films that made love the main theme. As he suggests, it is a good option for those who have to spend a Valentine's Day without company.
We hope that each of our readers, have a Valentine’s month full of love, sensuality and new pleasurable experiences and guided by the items we have especially suggested to help you enjoy this very special day.
Be prepared because SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE will bring an exclusive surprise for you next month.

Happy Valentine's Day