Thursday, May 31, 2012

Natives of my Homeland

                                                   NATIVES OF MY HOMELAND

native 1 by Lucy Lencinas

Fine Art Photography
By Lucy Lencinas

Exhibition going on at:
 H. Lee Dennison Building,
Hauppauge, NY.

native 2 by Lucy Lencinas

native 3 by Lucy Lencinas

As I walked the streets of my beautiful Armenia in Colombia, this native group was walking around where I was doing a photo shoot and I could not resist the temptation to take some photos of them.
I do not know exactly which tribe they belong to, but having them so close was magical because they are full of history and still preserve their traditions and roots.
 In this photographic display, I want to show the beauty of the natives of my homeland at its best.

native 4 by Lucy Lencinas

native 5 by Lucy Lencinas

Fine art photography
by Lucy Lencinas

Let my lens take you to a  photographic journey through the Doors of the ancient and beautiful Italy.
For some reason I was intriqued by the doors on our trip to Europe. The flowers, or lack thereof, paint, mail boxes, laundry, just the condition of the doors in general seemed to give a hint as to what was beyond. And then I of course had to occasionally take one from the inside out! I don't feel descriptions are needed. Let your imagination place whatever title fits the image in your view. Please enjoy viewing them.
I had such a fabulous time taking them.


H. Lee Dennison Building
100 Veterans Memorial Hwy. Hauppauge, NY.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


Coco Yaya is an accomplished model who has been formally trained both as a model, actress & makeup artist. She appeared in her first runway show when she was 7 years old and has modeled a wide range of designs, including bridal fashions, swim wear, latex, lingerie, for well known designers as well as for more obscure avant garde designers. She has also worked as a spokes model for Dove, Ponds & Venison. Her real passion is for print. In that medium, she has been featured in a variety of books, calendars, magazines and Internet publications. She is signed with an agency but her contract is not exclusive.

She has recently begun to try her hand as a makeup artist and stylist. In addition to her artistic side, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology.  Coco lives in Manhattan with her husband, five children & two dogs.
 To see more of  COCO YAYA work, visit our page SEXY X2 MAGAZINE

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Cover of Long Island Al Dia with Prof Kahan

To celebrate the third anniversary of the online newspaper Long Island Al Dia came to New York Prof. Ernesto Kahan, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 for the organization he chaired "Physicians against Nuclear War."
 Professor Kahan is a doctor, but also a writer and poet. For these wondrous things of the art world, where artists and writers and painters of different branches of culture are known and get together, I had the great joy and great honor to have this Nobel Peace Prize sharing a coffee in the living room of my house, and of course, doing a photo shoot in my studio.
 It is remarkable to see how modesty is distinctive point of greatness. This man is honored in the whole world, speaks five languages, author of seven books, international speaker, is a down to earth human being, with a great sense of humor, and a keen intelligence, who knew how to share a coffee with me as if were a friend of years.
 Here are some photos I did with him, and this a very brief biography of his accomplishments.

Professor Ernesto Kahan, Jorge Guzman
Of Ikarus Gallery and Lucy Lencinas

Professor  Ernesto Kahan

Prof. Ernesto Kahan. Israeli - Argentine. Born December 2, 1940, and educated in Argentina (University of Buenos Aires) and in USA (University of Washington). Medical doctor, university professor and poet. Vice President of the World Academy of Arts and Culture. Professor at universities in Argentina, Israel, Peru, Dominican Rep., Mexico, USA and Spain.

Dr. Ernesto Kahan served as Director General of the Ministry of Health in Argentina before migrating to Israel during the military coup in Argentina in 1976. In Israel was Deputy Director of Rabin Medical Center, Head of the Department of Epidemiology at the Institute for Occupational Health of Tel Aviv University, and Director of the Medical Academic Branch of the International Institute. In 1998 was nominated by the World Bank as head of the evaluation staff for primary health care programs for Ecuador. Dr Kahan is well known in numerous International Medical Associations related to Epidemiology, Cancer, Public Health and Human Rights. President of AIELC - Israel Association of Writers - Spanish Branch.

Author 7 books and more than 200 articles in international Magazines. Poems of his book Paxaporte" were translated into 11 languages. His book "GENOCIDE" written with Taki Yuriko (in three languages), generated the prize "Golden Key of Literature Hanchon Culture, and was acclaimed in many festivals. Compiler of the Anthology "Los Escritores del Alba", Editorial Certeza, Spain. Selected for 20 editions of the book "Nueva Poesía hispanoamericana" of Lord Byròn editors, a publication in which the most noticeable exponents of our contemporary poetry in Spanish are included. Universal Anthology "POESIA IBEROAMERICANA SIGLO XXI"; 4 editions of the "Stand@rt World Anthology of Contemporary Poets"; "Contemporary Poetry" in Chinese and English, Hangchon Literature Complete Collection Vol. III and XII, and many other publications.

Founder of the Association of Physicians for Peace in Israel, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia; Vice-President of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War- IPPNW, (1985 Nobel Peace Laureate organization), President of the Literary Group "BRASEGO". Vice President of the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC). Editor of Literature for Peace in "Palabras Diversas" President of the XXV World Congress of Poets, Los Angeles 2005, Vice President of the XXVI World Congress of Poets Mongolia 2006. Vice President of the XXVI World Congress of Poets Mexico 2008. 2008, Associated President UHE- UNION HISPANOAMERICAN WRITERS

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Haydee Lee Powell

Haydee Lee Powell was born on July 9th. She is a College student studying nursing.
She would love to be a nurse as her career and be a famous model is her dream. Purple is her favorite color, but she loves pink.

Haydee is Inventive, exciting, thoughtful, honest, and unique. Born and raised in Spanish Harlem as known as "El Barrio". She is young and b7eautiful and just wants to live her life to the fullest.
To see more phtod of Haydee CLICK HERE

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Desma Du'Bois

Desma Du’Bois, also known as Tiffani Capers.
She was raised by her mother and grew up with three brothers.
Desma grew up as a tomboy but now it is has blossomed into a young lady, cheerful and the bright, who appreciates modern art and fashion, who also enjoys adventures activities as well as poetry and love music.
She was born in 1988 and she was raised in North Carolina and New York.
She is a model who has recently graduated from the Long Island Beauty School.
Desma is a skilled cosmetologist.
In her early years, she was in beauty pageants, but now, she is in full force trying to be an established model and cosmetologist.
Desma has dream of owning her own salon as well as clothing line.
She has been featured in SEXY X2 MAGAZINE, and has recently been in the News Day Newspaper.
Now, Desma Du’Bois broaden her horizons as far as modeling to now managing other models as a Model Manager in SEXY X2.Any model who wants more information about modeling opportunities can contact Miss Du’Bois at
Desma’s model profile can be seen on Model Mayhem as well as Facebook contact information or

Saturday, May 5, 2012

This week’s models will be a showcase of what was in the April edition of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE. We invite you to look at Lucia, Roxette Harth and Jason Rahim’s pictures and if you are interested in seeing the full collection of pictures visit


                          JASON RAHIM