Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stefany Parra

Glamour Photography
By: Lucy Lencinas
Model: Stefany Parra

Stefany Parra  is 24 years old and lives in Armenia Quindio Colombia, She has a bachelor in Computer and Systems Engineering, and she is currently studying technology to complement her career.

Stefany is very involved with the music career as a hobby because her father is musician.  Thanks to this, she was in the Youth Band Musical College of Armenia INEM, playing the clarinet. She participated in various municipal and state contests, in one of them she was decorated for being the youngest performer. After this, she enters the GENS group INEM School, she played the piano and then she was the first vocalist.
Miss Parra’s goals and dreams are to complete her professional studies. She wants to specialize in computer forensic. Her frustrated dream was to study medicine, but hopes in the future she can fulfill her dream. She wants to be a successful professional in order to give a better future to her family and the son she is waiting for.

Stephany is 8 month pregnant, and feels very happy to be a mother. According to her, this is a great responsibility and it could delay to fulfill her goals and dreams of a professional career.  She does not feel that because she is pregnant she cannot achieve her goals; on the contrary, her son gives her all the strength she needs to follow her dreams.
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