Sunday, October 7, 2012


From the editorial of the magazine

The Halloween season by itself holds different meanings, from historic legends speaking of Celts and Druids, to the more modern "trick or treat" with which children pretend to scare seniors with their innocent costumes for candy.
There are many ways to show you are using a costume, which is the meaning of pretending something that is not the real you. In this month, the concept of body painting simulating a war warrior in a camouflage uniform, three glamour’s models brought this concept to live as a costume idea.
With the participation of a renowned painter of New York, the artist Sonia Ortega, we did a production of "Sexy Guerrilla" as a way to celebrate Halloween with our models full of sensuality and beauty.
For us, there was also another reason that prompted us to make this special production for our readers, is that the land where Lucy Lencinas was born and raised, Colombia, has launched these days a series of meetings aimed at ending internal conflict between guerrillas FARC and the Colombian Army, which has lasted more than fifty years.
It is encouraging news, we want to join them for the possible and needed peace, and the end of the conflicts with our sexy models wearing nothing, but body paint.
I do wish to highlight the new contribution of a recognized and successful photographer from Italy; he has sent us his glamour and nude photography to enhance our pages with his work. We give our sincere welcome to our magazine to the great photographer: Fracesco Francia.
As always, our columnists bring fashion articles and recipes filled with flavors and colors.
Enjoy this special edition of Body painting from SEXY X2 Magazine

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