Sunday, October 7, 2012

Barry Wood

Glamour Photography

By: Lucy Lenicnas

Model: Barry Wood

Barry Wood is a professional model since 2009.
He is a member of the Local Steam Fitters Union and he is currently stationed at a local Hospital as a HVAC Service Technician.
He is a single dad for ten years and raising his three kids by himself. Two teenage girls: Pamela who is currently in High School, and Priscilla, who just finished her first year of College.
His son Barry is the oldest. He is a bit less emotional then his girls. He is currently in the Air Force Reserves.
According to his own experience, this is what he tells a guy who wants to be a model:
There is a lot of completion out here in the commercial end of modeling. For the most part just be kind, be courteous, and be professional. Remember its not you they are saying no too. Once, you get past the rejection part of it and realize its not you personally they are saying no too. The more relaxed you will be. Remember most auditions it is not about how good looking you are, it is about the look that they are looking for. Most people doing the everyday Business to business or store catalogs and local advertisements are just everyday people like you and me. It may not always be glamorous. To succeed in any field you need to push yourself. So get out there and push
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