Saturday, September 8, 2012



ANIKA ZHADANOVA is full-time student and part-time model/actress living in NYC. She is studying psychology, and loves getting to know different people. She also loves dancing, acting, being outdoors and staying active. Her hobbies include snowboarding, hiking and swimming, especially in the ocean. Anike loves animals. She has a pet Chihuahua named Duke, who is playful and feisty, just like her.
Anike loves to travel. She often visits Russia, her homeland, and she's also been to France, Monaco, Amsterdam, Puerto Rico and all over the U.S., California is one of her favorite states. She enjoys learning about different cultures. She loves Asian and French cuisine. She is never scared to try a new dish! Anika is adventurous, fun and affectionate. She loves spending time with her friends and her family.

SILV LIGH is a 28 year old 2nd generation Asian American, who grew up in NJ.  Her parents are originally from Taiwan.  She grew up with an older sibling, and both live in NYC.  Silv loves to read, write, travel and go for walks.  She hopes to travel to more places in Eastern Europe and South America in the near future.  Her hobbies are playing the cello, drawing, and modeling.  She would love to model in more artsy photos in the near future to expand her portfolio.  For her career, she plans to help people who are less advantaged than she is by research and academia.    

Anika and Silv are both feature in our magazine SEXY X2 in the September issue. You can see more of these two beautiful models at the magazine at SEXY X2 MAGAZINE
Also, you can see more photos of them when you  CLICK  this link. Enjoy.

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