Monday, September 3, 2012

September Edition


Much has been said about the contribution that immigration has done historically in the United States of America regarding the economy and culture, but little has been said on this topic about the contribution made to this country by the diversify beauty brought by the different races.
September issue of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE brings closer to the beauty that came from other lands, with Anika Zhadanova a woman coming from the land of the tsars; Silv Light whose immediate ancestors are from the Far East, Taiwan, they have arrived to beautify the Land of Opportunities, and to top up the diversity, it comes from A'storia Hill, the beauty of ebony skin who dazzles with her honey eyes and full fills with her stylized figure.
It is a pleasure for us to be the vehicle that brings to our readers a different look to the contribution of immigrants.
As always, Caitlin Ross-Poteet heats us the pages of the magazine with her spicy answers to the reader in her column Empowering Erotica. Juan Cucaz delights us with an exquisite Mediterranean Salad recipe, and Peru brings us the perfumes of their wine and the internationally renowned Pisco.
Finally, metaphysics invades our traditional monthly short stories with "De Profundis".
Enjoy this edition as we prepare the special issue for Halloween, which will come with many surprises.
Until next month
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