Monday, April 2, 2012



No matter what your gender, sexual preference, or what sexual play you enjoy, the world of pro-sex definitely has a place for you in it. As long as the sex is consensual and benevolent, one should never have to feel sexually bored, oppressed, or settle for a sexual style that simply doesn’t suit them. Where there’s a taste, there’s a porn, a toy, a costume, and a genre to help you feel fantastic and fulfilled, and take it from someone who knows—a pro-sex lifestyle can help get you there.
To read the full article, please visit our free online SEXY X2 Magazine, page 60.

In SEXY X2 Magazine, we have open a new column written by Caitling Ross Pottet,  which will overflow sensuality and information called "Empowering Erotica". It goes hand to hand to the new section for our readers called "Caitlin's Corner".  Caitlin’s Corner is a column in which topics regarding sex are answered in an empowering, playful and informative way. 
If you have any questions to ask Caitlin do not hesitate to send in your questions to and she will gladly shed some light on the issue.

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