Sunday, April 29, 2012


Brazil in addition to be one of the largest countries of the American Continent and one of the five largest of the whole world, and above all of that, it is the land where is celebrated the biggest festivity of the world, the Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival.
At that time of the year, the color, the music and the most beautiful woman get together for three days to show the world the joy of Rio.
From that land, that holds the greatest jungle of this planet, LUCIA brings all her charm to the pages of our magazine.
She ventured into the world of modeling and television.
We know in our hearts that this edition will remain in the memories of our readers due to the beauty of our Brazilian model and the exquisite glamour photos and tasteful nudes that filled the pages of  SEXY X2 MAGAZINE,  for the month of April.
Also from Central America, the second model from the beautiful El Salvador comes to stay ROXETTE HART, with her exotic beauty, which makes us dream with the marimba rhythms in some hot beach in Central America, where she generously brings all her beauty and charm.
Finally, with all the mystery of India and its culture, home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires, JASON RAHIM exhibits his face and his masculine looks to bring our readers, at least by imagination, to his ancient culture of spiritual souls, strong faces and hypnotic black eyes.
As always, a list of excellent articles are the final components of April’s edition, where we remind our readers to send their questions to our expert in sexuality and couple’s relationships, CAITLIN ROSS- POTEET; and the questions to our CHEF JUAN CUCAZ about recipes and all the culinary preparations for a great meal,
Enjoy this edition and we will meet again in the next edition of May, with a special edition dedicated to our female readers.

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