Sunday, June 2, 2013


Beauty contests have generated over time a series of disputes about whether or not to choose someone based on their physical beauty, as well as starting an argument about what is considered beautiful and what is the rule that measures the beauty.
 The standards of beauty have always had a subjective value that has changed over the centuries, and lately even with the passing years, but in SEXY X2 MAGAZINE, we are in favor of beauty contests. We believe in them and that’s why for first time we featured in our cover a Beauty Queen with her royalty attributes. Selected as the most beautiful Miss among the Portuguese community living in Long Island, New York, Jessica Fontao will dazzle us with a photo shoot that fully justifies the decision of the judges by choosing your majesty the Beauty Queen of Long Island Portuguese American Center (LIPAC), she portraits her freshly beauty and outspoken splendour in the photographic session done by our star photographer Lucy Lencinas.
Also, her male competitor in the beauty contest, Leandro Goncalves, who was elected King of LIPAC for 2013, completes our set of models for this issue, showing that the Portuguese community can be proud of the beauty of its members. From Mendoza, Argentina, comes Mayra Dominguez, who posed for the lens of Lucy in her homeland amid of a stunning landscape of the mountains and vineyards of that beautiful city, raising the temperature of the already hotter atmosphere of the land of wine which one of eight world wine capitals.
As always, you will find interesting articles, recipes and much more in this edition of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE.

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