Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gigi Marie

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Gigi Marie
Gigi Marie likes all people. She shows different sides of herself depending on who she is with. In addition, when she is alone, she is a very different person than when she is with others.
Many people define themselves by what they “do”. Gig does not really define herself that way but at the same time, she believes the things she is passionate about are huge aspects of who she is. She is a singer. She started training classically when she was 13 yrs old and continued training until she was 18. That became her biggest passion although she continued to perform “cover” songs of other people’s work.
She started modeling at the age of 12; it was not something she had planned. Modeling is not a full time job for her. She currently does not work full time but she is very busy with all the other activities. Modeling is one of the things that keeps her busy though as well and is one of her passions. Her hobbies include singing, songwriting, writing in general-poems, Some short stories and mostly memoir writing.
Gigi Marie
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