Saturday, April 6, 2013


Glamour Photography

Ingrid Carolina Gajardo from an early age chose to become an exotic dancer and take care of her figure, since that is her best asset.
Originally, from Rancagua, Chile, today she is a well-known dancer in the south of her country.
She started to dance when she was 17 years old. It always seduce her the idea to be a dancer, her dream was to be a vedette, which is a term used in some Latin American countries to describe female singers and entertainers skilled in Latin styles of singing and/or dancing and/or acting. Equivalent English terms are diva, bombshell, and showgirl.  Unfortunately, in Chile there is no revues show of this kind, so she chooses striptease instead. As that, she was able to display all the seduction she have inside, and it was as close to work as a vedette. Ingrid danced for nine years. That time, she remembers as one of the most beautiful period in her professional life. She was always very responsible and one hundred percent dedicated to what she did. Her clothes, music production had to be perfect; on top of that, Mrs. Gajardo did a lot of rehearsing at home to ensure that the show be perfect.
Taking care of her figure took a lot of her time, since to the nude demanded physically flawless. Currently she is retired, but she works hard producing events for her boyfriend’s nightclub, but always in the same line of striptease. Ingrid will never regrets what she did professionally, that was one of the best experiences in her life and it is what many woman would love to do and exploit their seductive side and feel desired by all men.
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