Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Glamour Photography
By: Lucy Lencinas
Cover Model: Gigi-Marie
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The best of each number of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE, is that each one is unique and unrepeatable for a number of reasons. Some of the productions were done in different countries abroad such as Colombia, Argentina, or Chile; some of them were more artistic, such is the case of the body painting sessions with super sexy heroines or sexy guerrilla. In other cases, the age or the gender were not barriers to eyes of our artist Lucy Lencinas, with beautiful mature models as Kathryn Donahue, or gorgeous male models on the cover as Barry Wood. As in this edition, our cover model wrote ​​the most extensive questionnaire done so far in our magazine.

Gigi Marie gave us priceless interview, where she plainly opens up and talk about different topics, revealing a sexy, yet complex woman.  A sexy body and an open minded person contain in one body, which she portraits graciously in every photographic modeling session.

From a small town in northern New York come our second model, a young, and beauty and full of sensuality, Shambria Hanson did ​​her glamorous photographic production where she displayed professionalism. Since the conditions were not the best, the temperature of the location where the shooting took place was only 14 degrees Fahrenheit and the theme of this magazine by itself, imposed little or total absence of clothing. Yet the warmth of her figure heat-up the pages of this issue.

Finally the male model, Jason Raghubir, who for the second time is portrait in our magazine, will get crazy our females readers. He will bewitch them with the depth of his eyes and his masculine face which places him as one of the most cherished models of the big apple.

Along with them, we have the wines that every month we speak of good vines from around the world, the world of fashion by the hand of Pedro Martinez, the positions of the Kama Sutra and more for everyone to enjoy each page of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE.

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