Monday, June 4, 2012


Not always the standards of beauty have survived unaltered through time, but one thing remains almost unchanged until in the modern age, the glamorous beauty was largely female.

Over the years, and with the feminist movements that tried to equate both sexes, men and women, the weaker sex won countless spaces but also relegates some others such as its prominent position as the glamorous sex.

Our cover model shows clearly that in the actuality, a male can be glamorous and sexy.  In this new edition of  SEXY X2 MAGAZINE for June, for the first time features a male model in its cover. We are proud to present  Barry Wood.

In addition to this, the magazine contains many interesting articles about sex, wines, cooking recipes from our exclusive chef, and as always our original short story, all of course with photos from Lucy Lencinas.

We hope you enjoy this new edition.
To see the magazine CLICK HERE, You can flip the pages and zoom in or out.

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