Saturday, June 2, 2012


Photography by Lucy Lencinas

A first look at Cara Jayde, the first thoughts on most people’s minds are either A Fear B curiosity or C) all of the above.
The 5’6 Puerto Rican/ Cuban/ Japanese New York Native has been modeling for only a few short months, but in that short time, she has managed to surprise photographers, friends, family and even herself.
 Growing up in Long Island, New York, and Spending 5 years in Miami Florida, Cara has developed a true appreciation for all things sun and fun. She lives for the Miami nightlife and any good night out with friends is all it takes to make her happy.
Cara is earning her degree in Criminal Justice, with plans to become a criminal analyst. Cara's obsession with all things tattoo have earned her some serious ink. With 15 tattoos so far, she loves the feeling of adding another piece of Permanent art to her. Her love of all things Tim Burton have also earned a permanent spot on her in two places, with a " nightmare before Christmas" sleeve on her left arm, and a portrait of Edward Scissor hands on her back, they join another sleeve of portraits on her right harm ranging from Amy winehouse, to sid vicious, to Cat woman. Tattoos are a way of life for Cara that she is more than proud to display to the world.
Growing up in a pretty rough adolescence, Cara has managed to turn any negatives into positives. Being a sort of ugly duckling growing up, Modeling became a big “F**k You” to the people that teased her as a kid. Modeling has opened doors she had never dreamed to go through. “I feel like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, so to speak,” Cara says. “I have drunk the potion... I know what it feels like to be Alice, so small and afraid. That’s how I have felt my entire life, as if I have been wandering around Wonderland, always in a strange place, too small for my own good, figuratively speaking, but now I feel like Alice after she’s eaten the cookies, I feel larger than life.”
To see more of Caras photos  CLICK HERE 

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