Friday, May 2, 2014




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Summer is here and the pages of SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE begin to feel it starting in May with sexy models and hot articles to prepare us to enjoy the warmth of the season of enjoyment in the best possible way. Having a perfect body is the ambition of all those who seek to show off thier figure on the beaches and attract in the opposite sex. For those who are behind the personification of Adonis or Aphrodite, we bring you some useful tips on how to get a sexy body for summer. Sun, heat and beaches are not conceived without a perfect tan and smooth and soft skin. That’s why the articles this month help us with these purposes. But summer is not only sun and beaches are also full of warm sophisticate nights. This month we give a hand to dazzle your partner exhibiting a thorough knowledge about one of the best known traditional beverage in the world: Sake. From the land of the Rising Sun comes this ancient beverage and how could it be otherwise, our magazine tells all the secrets of this liquor made of rice and pure waters of the Japanese mountains. Do not believe everything in SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE for May be interesting for summer and hinted items only. Obviously the sensual curves of our models could not be absent and four beauties will delight our readers. Enjoy the innocence of Nikki, the evocative images of Amber and Nicole that together brings us their sexy playful photo-shoot with their well toned bodies, and from the land of the best coffee in the world, comes the Colombian Alexa Coxx with a classic boudoir. One issue yet to warm things up this summer as we prepare to live the Soccer World Cup Brazil 2014 just as we know. In June, SEXY GLAM will wear the colors of the top teams in the world which soon will arrive, and meantime enjoy this issue.

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