Saturday, March 1, 2014

SEXY GLAM Magazine, Special Edition over 40's




MODELS; Fantasy, Claudia Alejandra, Fashiondoll, Kenya Callender and Guy Sparks

over 40's special edition
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The canons of beauty is a concept that has been changed over the centuries, and from the curviness’s Renaissance standards populating thousands of paintings and frescos in museums around the world, such as the Nude Maja of Goya, The Triumph of Galatea of Raphael, or the Original Sin from Michelangelo among others, to modern principles that advocate an extreme thinness as a symbol of beauty, there have been many who have tried to present to the world to what should be and should not be considered the standard of beauty.
It is very interestingly to know, that where no changes were made in any moment in time, has been on the concept of beauty in the middle age and still treasure the beauty without any moment stereotypes affecting it.
This month, in accordance with this unchanging reality, SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE wanted to celebrate the beauty that is beyond four decades of life. So our exceptional five models that exude glamour, sensuality and elegance and they are at least forty years or more.
It is a special number that for the first time, SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE features five middle aged models from the artistic perspective lens of our star photographer Lucy Lencinas.
To list the artistic qualities of each one of them, would be very extensive to this editorial, so we invite you to discover for yourself in our magazine pages these mature beauties.
Fantasy, Kenya, Claudia, Fashion Doll, and Guy are before you to offer all their art celebrating the beauty of maturity and experience.
Enjoy this very special edition of GLAM SEXY MAGAZINE.
Enjoy the following videos from some of our models

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