Monday, December 2, 2013


The Holiday Season is here and our magazine dresses again with the colors of Christmas, and in this issue we bring three beautiful models featuring Mrs. Santa. They are dressed with this traditional custom and they are responsible in bringing gifts at Christmas time, and also, they undress to give our readers the beauty of their bodies.

Mydnight Muerte, the Mrs. Santa who graces the cover of December is a beauty that emerges through the letters and is writing her first novel; in addition she travels through the paths of poetry.

Elena Lee, our second Mrs. Santa surprises us with her ​​flawless figure , her Asian face, and for those who had the chance to meet her personally , get surprised with the perfect knowledge of the Spanish language, because Elena is from Valencia, where you find the best paella.

Haydee Powell, the third Mrs. Santa, brings us her candid sweetness besides the Christmas tree, and then warms up the temperature with a sexy Pin- Up session in the privacy of her bedroom.

From Argentina, more precisely from Mendoza, " The Land of the Sun and the Good Wine ", we get the images from Sergio Russo, a prominent Glamour photographer that brings us back Mayra Dominguez, a model who already have been enjoying our readers in a previous edition, and this time from a more sordid perspective, which shows the ductility of this model and the expertise lenses of our featured photographer.

As always, items that help you decide on buying gifts for the holidays, and how to dress them and to start thinking about spring clothes, with professional suggestions from our fashion designer Pedro Martinez.

It has been two years of mutual joining, you the readers of our magazine through the computer, and us from editing all the editions of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE initially and SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE now.

It has been a pleasure to share this time surely continue to enjoy during 2014 bringing the glamor and sensuality every month in the pages of the journal, and every week with our Model of the Week on our website.

Thank you all. To our readers, our advertisers, and our models for trusting this publishing project for two years, and continue to rely on us in this coming year.

We will meet again in January of the New Year that begins with new models and more exquisite work from our star photographer Lucy Lencinas.

Happy Holidays.

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