Tuesday, November 5, 2013




This is our newly renamed magazine release month. This is because SEXY X2 gives way to SEXY GLAM  Magazine.

Change the name is also refreshing the goals, making them bigger and better. With GLAM SEXY Magazine, we expect a steady growth in this new period in the life of our magazine which is ready to fulfil its second year of life.

And with its anniversary, it also comes with some many surprises, like the digital book that will be released in January of next year with twenty four months of recollecting cooking recipes that Chef John Cucaz has developed exclusively for our readers.

A big event is preparing for 2014, and will mark a before and after in how the United States, Canada, Chile and other countries will see glamour models. SEXY GLAM Magazine is born to stay and make history, always in the hands of our star photographer Lucy Lencinas, and a select group of featured photographers that month a month showcase in the pages of our magazine their work.

Meanwhile, we persist on quality and this month is no exception. Our cover model is neither more nor less than our Model Manager for SEXY X2 Magazine and now for SEXY GLAM Magazine; Desma Du'Bois, who gives us all her versatile look in a production that combines the rebellious aspect of the bikes, with the privacy of a quiet sunset in the beach.

Elisabetta Bianco arrives with all of her Italian fire to delight us with her innate beauty. Owner of a sculpted body and sensual face, this young model who is also professional and entrepreneur, she is portrait made it to the centrefold of the magazine.

The featured photographer of this month is Rich Dodge, and with his lens, he introduces us to Jackie Fardella.  Together they made a photo shoot at Kings Park, New York.  We are sure everyone will enjoy and remember him for the delicacy of their sensuality and the technique demonstrated in this production.

As always, several notes of interest completes the content of this month’s magazine, with the always expected columns of Wines of the World, and the juicy report from the expert eye of our columnist Julio Frómeta with his section of the Seventh Art: Director's Cut .

Get ready because with SEXY GLAM Magazine will come a year full of Sexy Glamour just for you.

Until next time.

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