Sunday, August 25, 2013


Andrea is 28 years old; she was born and raised in Armenia, Quindio, Republic of Colombia.
She is the youngest in her family. She always dreamed of becoming a dancer. At the age of seven, she started contemporary dance classes, dance, ballet, tango, among other rhythms.
This Colombian beauty also did Modeling at the Academy Eos Club.
Andrea is a social communicator and journalist graduated from Quindío University in 2009. She has worked as intern in different media and entities, and then do it on TV Channel UNE, of Armenia, where she currently works. She has worked as a journalist in “The Voice of Armenia” and the morning news program “The News of the Loving” RCN broadcaster.
She owns a accessories store that she shares with her mother and her sister.
Andrea is single, passionate about life, outgoing, hardworking, romantic, sociable, and definitely music lover.
This photo production took place on location in Armenia, Quindio, Republic of Colombia.

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