Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lisbeth Lora

Model: Lisbeth Lora

Lisbeth Lora
Thirty-three years ago, her parents got married and migrated from the Dominican Republic to Harlem, NY to raise a family. Lisbeth, her sister, her brother were raised in a loving and happy environment.

Her problems arose while she was in grade school and was bullied and treated badly by her classmates, the students made fun of her because she was taller than every female classmate had big feet, and full lips.

When she got out of school, she got into a relationship that unfortunately continued this pattern of verbal abuse and dismagnified her insecurities.

As she began her journey into her 20; s something changed; she began to notice everyone from all walks of life, from every race and every age group were calling her “beautiful”. At first she did not understand why based on what she has been told. But as time went by, she began to look at herself differently, and she began to embrace my uniqueness.

 In the process of exploring who she was, she made a decision to shave off her hair. This was the only way she was able to get a true of essence of who she was. And by surprise, she had more compliments, more offers, and more propositions that she ever had in her life and that is when she decided to embrace her blessings.

Her confidence grew and she began to love herself, her body, and all the other gifts God has given her. When she grew into Lisbeth that is where she decided to be pursue modeling

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