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Over the years the concept of female beauty has changed, sometimes slightly and other times dramatically.
You only need to review the paintings created by the greatest artists of the Renaissance’s era to appreciate a canon of beauty that today would be considered quite out of place: the beautiful and sensual models of that time, would be overweight women compare to the modern standards.
At the time of Marie Antoinette, the beauty standards were the big sexy necklines and nearly bald head that allowed the use of elaborate wigs; however after the French Revolution women wore their hair long and straight without artificial curls. It took almost three centuries, at the beginning of the twentieth century that the appearance of woman changed once again, when the skirts were shortened as well as the length of the hair, and the thin body without the curves lines were the ieal standard of beauty for the new era.
With extra pounds or less; with plenty of curves to show in tight corsets or flat hips and small breasts in loose lightweight fabrics; with elaborate bulky hairstyles or very short hair almost glued to his head; time has only proven that the only constant in the concept of beauty is that nothing is permanent.
Our cover model for the month of May brings a new and modern form of beauty that many women have begun to adopt: a completely bald head. It's different, but definitely beautiful; it is an expression of sensuality and rebellious defiance. Do not miss the amazing photo shoot of Lisbeth Lara done by our star photographer Lucy Lencinas for this edition.

Katherine Jackson, as second and third models respectively, complete the diversity of beauty in our large and extensive display group of gorgeous models, showing us that beauty comes in all colors and in all styles, from classic to wild, where every piece is displayed according to the model, which simply make them more sexy and attractive.
As usual our articles in wines, recipes and fashion trends are part of our magazine, as well as the continuation of our series of sex positions from the Kama Sutra, a true school of pleasure.

I hope you enjoy our new edition of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE.

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