Saturday, March 9, 2013

Katherine Jackson

Glamour Photography
Phototography by: Lucy Lencinas
Model: Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson was 12 years old when she started modeling and acting at the Barbizon School
She participated in the MAAI competition and received recognition for her modeling and acting.  During her teen years, she was in many theater productions.  Her favorite play was Alice in Wonderland where she played the Cheshire Cat.  Currently she is doing everything she can to remain proactive in the industry.
 She wants more exposure for her career, put her out there, and really take a significant hold of the industry of modeling.    She knows one day, she will be on the red carpet and she is willing to put in the effort to get there.
In addition, she wants to be more than a model/actress; she wants to be a brand, a business within itself.  Her dream is to have her own business, her own empire, owned and operated by her.   This industry is her passion, it is the oxygen she breaths it is truly what she lives for. She is looking forward to work with you.
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