Friday, August 3, 2012

Feminine beauty and glamour is one of the universal gifts that evolution has given us to rejoice life.
Starting with this edition, and we are hoping this continue in many more editions, a glamour artist, a photographer from Europe will share with us his fabulous work.
Loris Gonfiotti is a renowned photographer from Italy, who like our photographer Lucy Lencinas, has made of glamour photography his most powerful artistic inspiration.
We are sure our readers will enjoy his work, and we are proud he is part of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE family.
The August issue comes packed with many surprises, and our cover model is no exception. We are very proud to be one of the few publications of glamour featuring a beautiful 57-year-old woman as a leading model of the month, and this means age does not count, but sensuality and beauty.
Kathryn Donahue is a prime example of a model that combines playfulness, beauty, sensuality, intelligence and experience into an exquisite sexy photo shoot.
In a spicy interview, she shows that the years lived only have been the prelude to an explosion of eroticism and enjoyment that has just begun.
 Grace Spencer and Leah Mayer complete the set of glamour models for this month. As always, in our magazine you will find exclusive recipes from our Chef John Cucaz and the hottest section of the magazine by Caitlin Ross-Poteet.
Fall fashion report from our star fashion designer Pedro Martinez.
To our readers a reminder to keep on sending your questions about recipes to the chef and about sexuality to Caitlin to:
August will be one of the hottest months on the thermometer as well as in the pages of SEXY X2 MAGAZINE.

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