Saturday, May 12, 2012

Desma Du'Bois

Desma Du’Bois, also known as Tiffani Capers.
She was raised by her mother and grew up with three brothers.
Desma grew up as a tomboy but now it is has blossomed into a young lady, cheerful and the bright, who appreciates modern art and fashion, who also enjoys adventures activities as well as poetry and love music.
She was born in 1988 and she was raised in North Carolina and New York.
She is a model who has recently graduated from the Long Island Beauty School.
Desma is a skilled cosmetologist.
In her early years, she was in beauty pageants, but now, she is in full force trying to be an established model and cosmetologist.
Desma has dream of owning her own salon as well as clothing line.
She has been featured in SEXY X2 MAGAZINE, and has recently been in the News Day Newspaper.
Now, Desma Du’Bois broaden her horizons as far as modeling to now managing other models as a Model Manager in SEXY X2.Any model who wants more information about modeling opportunities can contact Miss Du’Bois at
Desma’s model profile can be seen on Model Mayhem as well as Facebook contact information or

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